The criminal defense lawyer: an essential figure in today’s society

Though it’s typically the prosecuting attorney who finds himself in the spotlight, the criminal defense lawyer plays a vital role in the criminal justice system. The criminal defense lawyer’s job is to provide legal counsel to defendants accused of violating state or federal law, to protect their client’s legal rights, and to use that person’s best interests to argue against prosecution. But what exactly does a criminal defense lawyer do? And how did his role evolve into what it is today?

4 Common Types of Cases Handled by Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Lawyers handle a broad range of cases including but not limited to assault and battery, rape, domestic violence, theft, and drug charges. Most criminal law cases are handled on a contingency basis so there is no fee for legal representation unless your case goes to trial or you win at trial. Some common types of cases are listed below.

(1) DUI/DWI–Driving Under Influence

(2) Assault & Battery–Mostly charges against family members and friends.

3 Roles Taken by Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights for Victims and Victims’ Rights. The Criminal Defense Lawyer Can be Appointed by Court Order to Handle Cases that Have Large Public Implications. The Criminal Defense Lawyer is Often a First Step in Helping Criminal Defendants Understand Their Case, Obtain Legal Representation, and Determine Their Best Course of Action when Facing Criminal Charges or Allegations.

2 Areas Where A Criminal Defense Lawyer Could Help You

If you are facing possible criminal prosecution, you may need to hire a criminal defense attorney. There are two areas where they could help. If you are under investigation or charged with a crime, they can defend your legal rights.

In some cases, they can even put forth a successful legal argument that helps keep you out of jail. They could also help if you have been arrested and put into jail pending trial or pleading guilty to misdemeanor crimes.

1 Main Role Played by a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The first role of a criminal defense lawyer is to take care of all court cases and legal procedures. Due to these cases being constantly changing, criminal lawyers are required to remain updated with all new laws and amendments.

To put it simply, they are available on call 24/7. It is their job to be by your side until you have been completely cleared of any accusations made against you or your actions being categorized as a crime.