10 Myths About Lawyers That You Shouldn’t Believe

There are some myths out there about lawyers that have been made up and perpetuated to make you fear lawyers. The reality is that many of the most heavily feared myths are, in fact, completely untrue! Here are 10 of the most widely believed myths about lawyers that you shouldn’t believe if you want to get the facts straight.

Myth #1 – I Don’t Need A Lawyer

Many people believe that, as long as they are honest and do everything right, they don’t need a lawyer. Most of these people end up wishing they had an attorney sooner rather than later. It is important to remember that while honesty is always best, in some cases it can actually work against you. If you find yourself facing charges of any kind, it is always wise to speak with a professional before you make any decisions about your defense.

Myth #2 – All Lawyers Are Rich

It is true that some lawyers become very wealthy, especially those who start their own law firms. However, not all lawyers become wealthy and in fact, many don’t make a living solely from practicing law.

As of 2008, only one-third of practicing attorneys actually derived all or a majority of their income from practicing law. The other two-thirds were employed in public service jobs such as legal research or teaching.

Myth #3 – Good Things Only Happen To Those Who Have A Lawyer On Their Side

While it’s true that some things are only available to those who have a lawyer on their side, there are plenty of situations where your lawyer can help you get what you want. The truth is, having a lawyer helps in most situations.

While good things do often happen to people with lawyers on their side, they also happen without one! If you want to take advantage of opportunities and make sure that things go as smoothly as possible, a lawyer can help.

Myth #4 – Lawyers Always Win

This is one of those old lawyer jokes: What’s a good way to get out of paying for a meal? Sue! Many people assume that if they are sued, they will lose. A lot of other people think that lawyers always win.

The truth is most cases settle out of court before trial because both sides realize that a jury can end up siding with either party—or no party at all.

Myth #5 – I Want The Other Party To See Me Sweat Before We Go To Court

It’s true that there is an element of intimidation involved in going to court, but you should never let fear prevent you from finding out how much money you are entitled to. Make sure your attorney is ready and prepared for court before you even think about showing up there.

Your lawyer has already had years of training and experience to deal with these types of situations – don’t let your ego stand in the way of a solid legal foundation for yourself and your family.

Myth #6 – Going To Court Costs A Lot Of Money

Most people, it seems, have one thing in common: they fear lawyers. A study by a professor at Loyola Law School reveals that 74% of Americans believe lawyers contribute little or nothing to society. But when you look at what’s behind those fears, you see myths—not facts. Here are 10 myths about lawyers that don’t hold up under close scrutiny. Are you believing any of them?

Myth #7 – When In Trouble, Call A Lawyer (or Four)

Don’t automatically assume you need a lawyer if you’re in trouble. Many problems can be solved by consulting non-lawyer professionals who are better equipped to handle certain situations than a lawyer would be, such as an accountant for tax questions or a financial planner for retirement planning.

Myth #8 – Once I Hire A Lawyer, They Will Represent Me

This is not true, you represent yourself in court. Hiring a lawyer is only hiring an advisor that should be paid after they give you a service or product of their choice. Don’t think of it as paying for legal representation, but rather paying for advice given to help you stay out of jail and make a better case than if you tried to do it alone. If a situation arises where they are also needed in court or have to take your case there, then yes they will represent you.

Myth #9 – Attorneys Don’t Have Time For Anything Else But Work

No one knows how to juggle busy days and work-life balance quite like attorneys. They know how to get things done, but they also make time for their friends, family, and personal interests.

Take advantage of those skills when your schedule is completely off-kilter, as an attorney will certainly be able to come up with a plan that fits your needs and keeps you on track.

Myth #10 – We Can Take This Case & Run With It!

This may sound strange coming from a lawyer, but you should not be looking to us for a free ride. It is your case, and we want you to take ownership of it as much as possible. In order to achieve optimal results, we believe that clients need to become partners in their case; not just someone hiring an expert.